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MultiversX & Cornell Introduce Blockchain Education Initiative

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MultiversX & Cornell Introduce Blockchain Education Initiative

Distributed blockchain network MultiversX has unveiled an exciting new initiative aimed at furthering blockchain education through a partnership with Cornell University’s eCornell. The educational program, titled the Blockchain Essentials Program, is set to provide 100 underserved college students a unique learning experience over the course of two months. Successful completion of the program will earn participants a certificate, and notably, there will be no cost to the students thanks to MultiversX’s sponsorship.

According to MultiversX’s press release, the typical fee for such a course would amount to $3,750, but this fee is being covered for the participants. The program will be delivered online and organized into private cohorts. These small, instructor-led groups are designed to ensure that students receive personalized attention and benefit from a supportive learning environment.

One standout feature of this initiative is the promise of further opportunities after the course. Graduates of the program will have the chance to receive mentorship, support, and even funding from MultiversX. These resources are meant to empower students to create blockchain projects that could positively impact their communities. Applications for the program are open and will close on June 23, 2024. The program itself is slated to kick off on July 17, 2024.

To qualify for the initiative, applicants must be current college students who meet certain criteria. In addition to being proficient in English, applicants must be economically disadvantaged. Only 100 students will be selected to participate in this first cohort, making it a competitive and valuable opportunity for those chosen.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX, emphasized the transformative potential of blockchain technology in his statement. “Blockchain is an open book for anyone willing to read it. We’re still at the beginning of this story, so there’s plenty of room for anyone with innovative ideas that they want to bring to fruition,” he said. Mincu also highlighted that the collaboration with eCornell is part of MultiversX’s broader commitment to making blockchain technology accessible to various communities around the globe.

In other developments, MultiversX has introduced a new innovation called “Sovereign Chains.” This multichain, modular integrated stack aims to improve blockchain development significantly. Sovereign Chains has the potential to drastically enhance transaction throughput of existing layer-2 blockchain networks. It can increase transactions per second (TPS) and smart contract TPS by up to 100 times.

The first demonstration of Sovereign Chains was impressive, achieving a throughput of 77,000 TPS. The company is actively working to push that number even higher, with a target set at 100,000 TPS. This innovation represents a significant leap forward for blockchain technology and could open the door for more robust and scalable blockchain applications.

The partnership between MultiversX and eCornell is an exciting step toward democratizing access to blockchain education. By removing financial barriers and providing a robust support system, MultiversX is empowering the next generation of blockchain innovators. This initiative, along with the technical advancements such as Sovereign Chains, positions MultiversX as a forward-thinking leader in the blockchain space.

These efforts underline MultiversX’s mission to streamline the onboarding of new builders to the Web3 ecosystem and to foster a more inclusive technological environment. This shows the company’s dedication not only to technological progress but also to social impact, making it a significant player in the evolving field of blockchain.

28 thoughts on “MultiversX & Cornell Introduce Blockchain Education Initiative

  1. Great, another ‘revolutionary’ blockchain project. Doubt this will make any real difference.

  2. MultiversX and eCornell deserve all the accolades for their commitment to accessible, high-quality blockchain education.

  3. This is how you make a difference! Empowering underserved students with blockchain knowledge is a game-changer.

  4. MultiversX is truly paving the way for future blockchain leaders. This education initiative with eCornell is commendable!

  5. What a fantastic initiative! This collaboration promises to unlock so much potential in the blockchain world.

  6. Amazing initiative by MultiversX! Can’t wait to see what these students achieve with their new blockchain skills.

  7. Outstanding initiative! Offering blockchain education at no cost is a true testament to MultiversX’s commitment to inclusivity.

  8. Underserved students need more than just quick courses. How about actual long-term support? Sounds like a PR stunt to me. 👎

  9. Hats off to MultiversX! Providing mentorship and funding opportunities after the program is a brilliant idea.

  10. Once again, big promises. Seriously, whos keeping track if they actually follow through?

  11. What an empowering initiative! Thank you, MultiversX and eCornell, for making this possible for so many deserving students.

  12. Thrilled to see MultiversX taking such a progressive step in blockchain education. Hats off to their vision and commitment!

  13. MultiversX seems more focused on their image than any real impact. Just another corporate virtue-signaling move.

  14. Why limit it to only 100 students? If they truly cared, theyd open it up to more.

  15. An incredible way to bridge the gap! Kudos to MultiversX and eCornell for making blockchain education more inclusive.

  16. This sounds like just another marketing gimmick. Are they really in it for education or just trying to look good?

  17. What an incredible opportunity for these students! MultiversX is truly investing in the future of blockchain technology.

  18. Best news I’ve heard all week! Bravo, MultiversX and eCornell, for breaking down financial barriers. Education is for everyone!

  19. Kudos to MultiversX and eCornell for creating such a transformative program! Excited for the future blockchain leaders this will undoubtedly produce.

  20. It’s initiatives like these that truly push the industry forward. Huge respect to MultiversX and eCornell for this partnership!

  21. So exciting to see such a comprehensive and supportive program! Way to go, MultiversX and eCornell!

  22. If its so transformative, why not integrate this ‘education’ in mainstream curriculums? Feels like a band-aid solution.

  23. Lets talk about the environmental impact of these high TPS numbers. More blockchain doesn’t always equal better.

  24. Absolutely fantastic! MultiversX and eCornell are setting the stage for future blockchain innovators. Excited for what’s to come!

  25. This is what it’s all about—empowering the next generation of innovators. Well done, MultiversX and eCornell!

  26. Cool, another overhyped TPS claim. Good for show, but lets see some real-world results. Show me the receipts!

  27. Why is blockchain education being treated like some kind of exclusive club? More mass education is needed, not these limited slots.

  28. A big shoutout to MultiversX and eCornell for pioneering accessible blockchain education. Heres to a bright future ahead!

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