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Kraken Recovers $3M from CertiK, Closes Bug Bounty Saga

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Kraken Recovers $3M from CertiK, Closes Bug Bounty Saga

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has successfully recovered almost $3 million worth of digital assets that went missing due to a security breach. This marks the conclusion of a dramatic episode involving Kraken and the blockchain security firm, CertiK, which began on June 9. Nicholas Percoco, Kraken’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), confirmed the return of the funds in a social media update on June 20, mentioning that a small portion was lost due to transaction fees.

The ordeal began on June 19 when Percoco announced that approximately $3 million had been illegitimately withdrawn from Kraken’s treasury by a “security researcher.” According to Percoco, the funds were taken after the researcher discovered and reported an existing bug. The situation escalated when Kraken alleged that the researcher was attempting to extort the company by refusing to return the stolen funds, demanding a reward and a discussion with Kraken’s business development team.

CertiK, a blockchain security firm, identified itself as the “security researcher” implicated in the incident. CertiK publicly stated on June 19 that it had notified Kraken of an exploit, which allowed it to extract millions from Kraken’s accounts. CertiK further accused Kraken of threatening its employees following the discovery of the bug, stating that Kraken’s security team demanded the return of an incorrect amount of crypto within an unreasonable timeframe, even without providing repayment addresses.

CertiK provided a detailed timeline of events, beginning with the identification of the bug on June 5 and culminating in claims that Kraken threatened a CertiK employee on June 18. In a communication with , CertiK disclosed its intention to transfer the funds to an account accessible by Kraken.

The big question lingering was why CertiK withdrew nearly $3 million. Percoco initially pointed out that a minor transfer of just $4 would have sufficed to demonstrate the bug and earn a reward from Kraken’s bounty program. CertiK took nearly $3 million, arguing that this substantial amount was necessary to thoroughly test Kraken’s security systems and protective measures. They revealed that despite multiple tests over several days and close to $3 million worth of transactions, no alerts were triggered, leaving them unable to determine the breach’s limit.

Adding to the controversy, CertiK stated it did not initially request a bounty; instead, Kraken brought up the bounty after CertiK reported the exploit. CertiK clarified that their primary focus was on ensuring the issue was fixed, not on receiving a reward.

CertiK assured that the funds used in the exploit were not actual user funds from Kraken. They were, in CertiK’s words, “minted out of air,” meaning no user assets were at risk during the testing period. This clarification was likely intended to alleviate concerns from Kraken users about the safety of their assets.

The return of the funds and the explanations provided by both parties bring a complex and contentious chapter to a close. It underscores the ongoing challenges within the cryptocurrency sector related to security, ethical hacking, and the limits of bug bounty programs. The incident serves as a critical case study for both crypto exchanges and security firms on how to handle vulnerabilities and disputes professionally and transparently.

33 thoughts on “Kraken Recovers $3M from CertiK, Closes Bug Bounty Saga

  1. Too much drama for just returning the funds. Let’s be clear: a $4 transfer would’ve done the job just fine. Suspicious .

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  7. The fact that CertiK had to extract nearly $3M to ‘test the security’ just seems ridiculously excessive. Not buying it .

  8. So much drama and finger-pointing. Just shows how immature the whole crypto space still is .

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