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Bitkit Wallet Launches on App Stores

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Bitkit Wallet Launches on App Stores

Synonym has officially announced that its self-custodial Bitcoin wallet, Bitkit, is now fully available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. This marks Bitkit’s progression from its beta testing phase to becoming fully accessible to the public. With this launch, users can now manage their Bitcoin transactions directly without the need for intermediary services.

In a press statement, John Carvalho, the CEO of Synonym, expressed his enthusiasm for Bitkit’s new milestone. He emphasized that Bitkit is not just an ordinary Bitcoin wallet but is designed to give users the power of self-custody. Carvalho stated, “This release is a significant step forward in our mission to allow users to manage their finances independently, free from the limitations and risks posed by third-party custodians.”

The wallet has been designed with a strong focus on user security and control. According to the press release, Bitkit supports both on-chain Bitcoin transactions and the Lightning Network. The interface has been tailored to be secure and user-friendly, taking into account extensive user feedback over the past year. This user input has been crucial in guiding bug fixes and enhancing the overall usability of the wallet. Carvalho reiterated the wallet’s ethos by stating, “The maxim ‘Not your keys, not your coins’ applies equally to the Lightning Network and the underlying blockchain. Bitkit aims to ensure users have full control over their assets.”

An increasing reliance on custodial wallets, which require third-party entities to hold users’ assets, has raised concerns among Bitcoin enthusiasts who prioritize decentralization. Carvalho highlighted this issue by noting, “Since the Lightning Network gained traction in 2020, the market has been flooded with custodial wallets. This contradicts Bitcoin’s core principle of eliminating centralized dependencies. Bitkit was created to offer a robust, user-friendly, self-custodial alternative.”

Bitkit’s commitment to self-custody ensures that users maintain control over their assets, mitigating the risks of counterparty failures or censorship. Unlike custodial solutions, Bitkit allows users to fully own their Bitcoin without relying on external entities, aligning it closely with Bitcoin’s decentralized philosophy.

Bitkit has ambitious plans for future developments. Post-launch, the developers intend to undertake a comprehensive rewrite of the wallet’s software. This process involves thoroughly reworking the code base, which could include reevaluating and redesigning significant elements of the wallet’s code, architecture, and features. The aim of this overhaul is to enhance the wallet’s performance, maintainability, and security while adding new functionalities and incorporating further user feedback.

The transition of Bitkit from beta to a fully launched product signals a meaningful development for the Bitcoin community. Synonym’s introduction of Bitkit not only provides a more decentralized option for managing Bitcoin but also reaffirms the importance of self-custody in the world of digital assets. With its upcoming plans for a codebase overhaul, Bitkit continues to evolve, ensuring it remains a leading choice for those who value control over their financial assets.

As this self-custodial wallet gains traction, it stands to make a significant impact on how users approach Bitcoin transactions. With its emphasis on security, decentralization, and user control, Bitkit is set to pave the way for more independent financial management in the digital currency space.

40 thoughts on “Bitkit Wallet Launches on App Stores

  1. Beta testing phase or not, Bitkit still feels like it has too many bugs. This is not what I signed up for 😤🐞.

  2. Nice try, Synonym, but this wallet doesnt really offer the security improvements it claims. Disappointed .

  3. Finally, a self-custodial wallet thats user-friendly and secure. Bitkit is exactly what the Bitcoin community needed. Great job, Synonym!

  4. Downloaded Bitkit and already loving it! The focus on self-custody and security makes it a standout. Thank you, Synonym!

  5. Synonym has really delivered with Bitkit! A wallet that lets me manage my own Bitcoins securely. Amazing work! 👌

  6. A UI can make or break a product. Bitkit’s user-friendly interface is anything but user-friendly 😑🤔.

  7. Transitioning from beta to fully available is a remarkable achievement. Excited to see Bitkit grow and help decentralize Bitcoin custody!

  8. Innovation? Hardly. Bitkit doesn’t offer anything special compared to other wallets on the market .

  9. Cheers to a more decentralized future! 🥂 Bitkit is exactly what the Bitcoin community needs. Well done, John Carvalho and the whole Synonym team!

  10. This is fantastic! Bitkit ensures I have full control over my Bitcoin. No more relying on third-parties. Thank you, Synonym!

  11. Amazing job, John Carvalho and the Synonym team! Bitkit empowers users with true self-custody and integrates Lightning Network support.

  12. Bitkit’s focus on self-custody sounds great, but the user interface is still clunky and not intuitive at all . I had higher hopes for this launch.

  13. Seriously? Another Bitcoin wallet? Bitkit offers nothing new. It’s just more of the same old 📉📱.

  14. Bitkit is a game changer! So glad to see this self-custodial wallet finally launched. Kudos to Synonym and John Carvalho!

  15. Downloading Bitkit was a breeze, and it’s so user-friendly! Great job focusing on user feedback, Synonym. Loving the Lightning Network support too!

  16. Finally out of beta and fully launched! 💪 Bitkit promises full control over my Bitcoin. Excellent work, Synonym. Looking forward to seeing this grow!

  17. With all the hype, I expected more from this launch. Bitkit feels incomplete and poorly executed 😒⚙️.

  18. Kudos to Synonym and John Carvalho for this significant milestone. Bitkit’s focus on user control and security is what the Bitcoin community needs!

  19. Yet another mediocre Bitcoin wallet. Bitkits developers need to step up their game .

  20. Just tried Bitkit and I’m impressed! Finally, a wallet that prioritizes user control and security. Great job, Synonym! 🔐

  21. Just downloaded Bitkit! The interface is sleek, and the emphasis on self-custody is a game-changer. Well done, Synonym!

  22. Downloaded Bitkit and its superb! The focus on decentralization and user control is amazing. Synonym, youve outdone yourselves!

  23. I tried using Bitkit, and the app crashed multiple times. This is hardly a ‘fully launched’ product .

  24. Exciting news! Finally, a robust and user-friendly self-custodial Bitcoin wallet on both iOS and Android! Go Bitkit!

  25. Self-custody is the future, and Bitkit is leading the way! Synonym has done an amazing job with this wallet. Highly recommended!

  26. Thank you, Synonym, for Bitkit! The app is user-friendly, and the emphasis on self-custody is perfect. Can’t wait to see future updates! 🚀

  27. From beta to public release what an achievement! Thank you, Synonym, for making self-custody accessible and easy. Excited for what’s next!

  28. Brilliant news for Bitcoin enthusiasts! Bitkits focus on decentralization and security is a win for everyone. Downloading it right now!

  29. Why push an unfinished product out to the public? Bitkits performance issues are a dealbreaker .

  30. Kudos to John Carvalho and the Synonym team for Bitkit! Downloaded it today and it’s fantastic. Security and user control are top-notch! 🔥

  31. Bitkits much-anticipated launch doesnt live up to expectations. Too many bugs and interface problems .

  32. This is BIG! 🌐 Bitkit from Synonym is making self-custodial wallets accessible. Excited to use it and maintain control over my Bitcoins.

  33. The transition from beta to fully launched is huge! 🎉 Synonym has outdone themselves with Bitkit. Anyone serious about Bitcoin should check this out.

  34. Self-custody is a great selling point, but Bitkits security feels overhyped. Needs more work .

  35. The idea of self-custody is good, but Bitkit is not reliable. Too many issues to consider it as a primary wallet .

  36. Just got Bitkit and I’m already impressed! 🌟 Self-custody at its best. Thank you, Synonym, for this incredible wallet!

  37. Bitkit is a breath of fresh air in the Bitcoin wallet space. Loving the self-custodial approach and intuitive design. Big applause to Synonym!

  38. Bitkits Lightning Network support lags a lot . Not impressed at all. Back to the drawing board, guys.

  39. Security and user control are essential, but Bitkit still feels like its in beta with all these flaws .

  40. Loving the emphasis on security and user control with Bitkit. Synonym has really understood the Bitcoin community’s needs. Bravo!

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