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CCP Unveils Game World Details and Playtest Dates for New Blockchain Game in EVE Universe

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CCP Unveils Game World Details and Playtest Dates for New Blockchain Game in EVE Universe

CCP Games, the maker of EVE Online, recently shared new details about its highly anticipated blockchain game called “Project Awakening.” The game’s next playtest/hackathon is scheduled for May 21, and signups for the closed beta are already available. The developer also offered a glimpse into the game’s world and lore, describing it as a single-shard survival experience set in a decaying civilization in space.

Gameplay in Project Awakening will focus on survival, rebuilding a broken world, and combat. While CCP confirmed that the game will incorporate blockchain technology, the exact implementation details are still unclear. The company mentioned that it aims to create a persistent world where players can build and collaborate using blockchain and cryptography, but specific features such as digital asset ownership are yet to be revealed.

CCP published a blog post on March 13, written from the perspective of a non-player character, providing some hints about the game’s lore. The post is more of a teaser than an informative overview of the game world.

reached out to CCP for more information about the hackathon and what participants can expect. CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson explained that playtesters will utilize the Carbon Development Platform to create new features and functionality within the game world. While knowledge of the Solidity programming language may be helpful, it is not a requirement. Pétursson expressed anticipation for increased creativity and innovation from the community during the upcoming hackathon but did not provide a specific launch window for the game.

CCP Games has shared exciting updates about Project Awakening, including the announcement of the upcoming playtest/hackathon, insights into the game world, and the incorporation of blockchain technology. It remains to be seen how the game will utilize blockchain and what features it will offer to players, but anticipation among the gaming community is building.

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