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Oslo Freedom Forum: A Top Bitcoin Event Beyond Bitcoin

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Oslo Freedom Forum: A Top Bitcoin Event Beyond Bitcoin

In both 2022 and 2023, I found myself immersed in over a dozen conferences each year, frequently taking on the role of a vibrantly dressed Master of Ceremonies. My responsibilities included moderating panels and attempting to downplay my bias towards Bitcoin (BTC). I put together quizzes, game shows, and stimulating talks aimed at encouraging audiences to see things from a fresh perspective. With this background, I can comfortably say that I know a fair bit about conferences, networking events, and how to captivate an audience. Reflecting on my experiences from global events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, El Salvador’s Adopting Bitcoin, the Web Summit in Lisbon, and AfroBitcoin in Ghana, the Oslo Freedom Forum stands out as unparalleled.

Nestled in Norway’s elegant yet serene capital, the Oslo Freedom Forum is an intellectual feast. Attendees find themselves entering the Oslo Concert Hall at the start of the day, often still groggy from late-night conversations with freedom fighters and bitcoin enthusiasts. From your seat, you’ll embark on a global journey through powerful human experiences and narratives. Nowhere else can you encounter such a compelling, inspiring, and passionate group of people. Activists and performers from every corner of the globe take the stage to exercise and defend their freedom of speech. The convergence of these diverse minds and the collision of ideas generate an energy that is simply unmatched.

The stories shared span a wide geographical area, from Rwanda to Palestine, Uganda to Ukraine, evoking a spectrum of emotions. Listeners find themselves deeply moved—sometimes to tears, other times into silent reflection or even bursts of laughter. One particularly poignant moment was an Iranian operatic singer performing in Norway, far from her homeland where she is denied the right to sing. Such moments underscore the forum’s powerful impact and its ability to connect people despite vast distances.

The degree of professionalism in orchestrating this engaging and polished event was awe-inspiring. Discussions ranged widely, touching on topics like gender issues, war, famine, and acts of heroism. Bitcoin, though not the main focus, had a significant presence. I had the opportunity to field questions about Bitcoin’s privacy features, such as CoinJoin, from activists seeking to liberate imprisoned colleagues. Notable Bitcoin advocates like Lyn Alden shared valuable insights about financial freedom tools, algorithms, and control mechanisms on the main stage.

The forum was so stirring that it kept me awake at night, pondering over the day’s discussions. Despite averaging only five hours of sleep each night in Norway, the lack of rest was more a result of the event’s intensity rather than the typically restrained nightlife of the city. Unique experiences were also abundant off-stage, including impromptu selfies with famed Colombian musicians, intriguing conversations with exiled Indian journalists, and unexpected lessons in how global brands and governments launder money. A particularly memorable moment was shaking hands with Jack Dorsey and inviting him to surf Nazaré in Portugal, though he politely declined.

Professionally, the forum was a treasure trove of opportunities. As a Bitcoin journalist, I am eager to produce more documentaries and articles highlighting freedom technologies in action. My upcoming travels to Ukraine, Bolivia, and Venezuela promise to uncover more stories of struggle, resilience, and financial liberation—stories filled with profound joy amidst adversity.

Thor Halvorssen, the CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, emphasized in his opening speech that the event is not a competition in suffering, but rather a platform for finding joy and laughter even in dark times. Meeting Thor briefly at the after-party, I fumbled to encapsulate the forum’s essence, likening it to a TED conference on steroids. Having worked for TED before, I knew this comparison only scratched the surface of the emotional depth offered at the forum.

Despite the event’s overarching sense of optimism, a recurring theme was the grim reality of human conflict. Speakers like Paul Rusesabagina, known for his role during the Rwandan genocide, emphasized the power of words as a weapon. Similarly, Faisal Al Mutar’s journey from the turmoil in Iraq to reaching millions with his message underlined the efficacy of speech in combating autocracy. The forum reinforced the notion that to change the world, we need to wield our words with joy, resilience, and humanity—qualities that the Oslo Freedom Forum abundantly provides.

Comparatively speaking, even Europe’s largest Bitcoin conference, BTC Prague, falls short of the richness of the Oslo Freedom Forum. If I had to choose one event from the Bitcoin and crypto calendar for next year, it would undoubtedly be the Oslo Freedom Forum. The experience there is unparalleled, and I am already eagerly anticipating next year’s gathering. As a freelance journalist and filmmaker specializing in Bitcoin communities, with academic backgrounds from the University of Edinburgh and Sciences Po Lyon, I am excited to continue documenting the stories that emerge from such transformative events.

34 thoughts on “Oslo Freedom Forum: A Top Bitcoin Event Beyond Bitcoin

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