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ByBit to Launch Notcoin Trading and Withdrawals Next Week

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ByBit to Launch Notcoin Trading and Withdrawals Next Week

Notcoin (NOT) has become a popular play-to-earn game and token that is now being integrated into Telegram as a mini-app. This is happening at the same time as major cryptocurrency exchanges are preparing to list the NOT token. ByBit, a crypto exchange, has officially announced the listing of Notcoin on its platform, with deposits already available as of May 9. Trading and withdrawals of NOT will be launched on May 16 and May 17, respectively. ByBit will facilitate deposits and withdrawals through The Open Network (TON), while trading will be done using its automated trading tool.

Binance, another prominent exchange, will also start spot trading of Notcoin on May 16 after adding it to its launch pool on May 9. Telegram’s third-party custodial crypto wallet, Wallet, will include NOT in its app on May 16. OKX, a crypto exchange, plans to feature Notcoin at its Jumpstart Mining event on May 13. This event will allow holders of Toncoin (TON) to stake their TON and receive rewards in NOT. The excitement surrounding NOT can be seen on social media, with the hashtag “#Notcoin” accumulating over 35,000 posts.

Notcoin is a free play-to-earn game on Telegram that was launched in January 2024. Users can earn rewards in NOT tokens by tapping on coin icons within the game. NOT is based on the TON blockchain and was founded by Sasha Plotvinov, the founder of Open Builders, the team behind the game. Despite NOT not yet being listed on exchanges like Binance, the game quickly went viral on Telegram and attracted millions of users. According to Plotvinov, Notcoin has successfully attracted Telegram users to crypto, as the app reached about 30 million users just a few months after its launch. The official Notcoin Community channel on Telegram has more than six million subscribers, and the game has brought in 648,015 “notcoiners” according to data from the Notcoin bot on Telegram.

The price of NOT after listing on exchanges remains uncertain. The Notcoin team wrote in a blog post that the mining phase of NOT has already been completed, but the future price is unknown. The news of Notcoin’s listing comes at a time when the TON ecosystem is gaining momentum. Pantera Capital, a major crypto investor, recently disclosed that its strategic investment in TON was its largest ever. This news has led to a spike in the price of Toncoin, which has risen from around $5.5 to almost $7. Currently, TON is trading at $6.88, representing a 27% increase over the past seven days.

3 thoughts on “ByBit to Launch Notcoin Trading and Withdrawals Next Week

  1. The upcoming listing of NOT on ByBit and Binance is highly anticipated. 🙌📈 It’s time to buckle up and see where the price of Notcoin takes us next! 🚀💥

  2. It’s amazing to see the positive impact Notcoin has had on the TON ecosystem. I’m looking forward to exploring the game and potentially earning NOT tokens! 🌟🎮

  3. The future price of NOT may be uncertain, but the fact that the mining phase is completed is a significant step forward for Notcoin. Exciting times are ahead for early adopters!

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