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Arbitrum’s Gaming Catalyst Program Sparks Web3 Gaming Growth

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Arbitrum's Gaming Catalyst Program Sparks Web3 Gaming Growth

Arbitrum, a layer-2 blockchain network, has announced the launch of its Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP) to boost web3 gaming development. The GCP aims to establish a long-term gaming ecosystem on the Arbitrum network by requesting 200 million ARB tokens over two years. The program will focus on onboarding and supporting high-quality game builders, with plans to expand into a more comprehensive gaming program in the future. The estimated value of the tokens requested is approximately $426 million.

The funds raised through the GCP will be used for co-investing in promising studios and games on the platform. The project has outlined key productivity indicators, including establishing Arbitrum as the leading on-chain gaming network and attracting 200-300 applications from game builders. They also aim to have at least 20% of all web3 games choose Arbitrum as their base network, as well as launching 25 new Orbit projects and increasing net migrations to Arbitrum compared to other layer-2 networks.

If the proposal is approved, 40 million ARB tokens will be allocated for infrastructure bounties, which will be paid out on a per-proposal basis for tools and infrastructure needed to support gaming within Arbitrum. The announcement of the GCP comes just before the scheduled unlocking of 673.5 million ARB tokens, worth around $1.34 billion, for the Arbitrum team and advisers on March 16.

The GCP aims to attract developers and bolster the gaming ecosystem on the Arbitrum network. With the requested funds, they plan to invest in promising projects and establish Arbitrum as the leading choice for game builders. The program’s focus on onboarding and supporting high-quality builders will set the foundation for a more comprehensive approach to game ecosystem growth in the future.

6 thoughts on “Arbitrum’s Gaming Catalyst Program Sparks Web3 Gaming Growth

  1. It’s amazing to see the estimated value of the tokens requested for the GCP. This really shows the potential and belief in the future of the Arbitrum gaming ecosystem.

  2. Wow, another money-grabbing scheme disguised as a gaming program. It’s all about the tokens, isn’t it?

  3. Wow, this is such an exciting initiative! The Gaming Catalyst Program by Arbitrum will surely bring a new wave of innovation to the web3 gaming industry!

  4. This whole program is a waste of resources. There are more pressing issues in the world than a gaming ecosystem on a blockchain network.

  5. Just what we need, another blockchain network trying to dominate the gaming industry. These token requests are getting ridiculous.

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