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$100M Recovered from March Hacks, says PeckShield

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$100M Recovered from March Hacks, says PeckShield

According to data from PeckShield, a blockchain security firm, nearly $100 million worth of stolen digital assets from various hacking incidents in March have been recovered. PeckShield reported that there were over 30 hacking incidents that resulted in a loss of $187 million in funds last month. Despite the significant losses, 52.8% of the hacked funds were successfully returned. In total, $98.8 million in stolen digital assets were recovered in March.

PeckShield also highlighted the top five hacking incidents that occurred last month. The incident with the highest losses involved a hacking incident related to the nonfungible token (NFT) game called Munchables on the Blast network. Initial estimates put the losses at $62 million, but the hacker later returned the funds without demanding a ransom. It was later revealed that the hacker was one of the developers of Munchables. The Blast creator Pacman announced that $97 million in cryptocurrency taken from the incident had been secured by Blast core contributors.

The second incident involved Prisma Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, which had around $11 million in digital assets stolen. The hacker claimed that the incident was a “white hat rescue” in an on-chain message. The protocol is currently in discussions with the hacker, raising the possibility of recovering the lost funds.

Curio, a platform utilizing MakerDAO-based smart contracts on Ethereum, experienced a breach on March 24. Although initial estimates put the losses at $16 million, PeckShield believes the actual amount is closer to $40 million. This incident ranked second in terms of the highest amount lost last month.

NFPrompt, a platform incubated by Binance, was targeted by hackers who illegally accessed approximately $10 million. WooFi, a decentralized exchange (DEX), suffered losses of about $8.5 million. These incidents contributed to the total losses incurred in March.

The recovery of almost $100 million in stolen digital assets highlights the efforts of PeckShield and other cybersecurity firms in combating hacking incidents. While the losses in March were substantial, the fact that more than half of the hacked funds were returned is a positive outcome. It is crucial for individuals and organizations within the blockchain ecosystem to implement robust security measures to prevent and recover from such incidents.

11 thoughts on “$100M Recovered from March Hacks, says PeckShield

  1. The fact that over half of the hacked funds were successfully returned is such a positive outcome! It shows that efforts are being made to protect the blockchain ecosystem. Let’s continue implementing robust security measures to prevent future incidents.

  2. It’s crucial for all entities in the blockchain industry to prioritize security and take proactive measures to prevent future hacking incidents.

  3. Kudos to PeckShield and the cybersecurity firms for their hard work in recovering stolen assets! This positive outcome serves as a reminder that we should always prioritize security within the blockchain ecosystem. Let’s stay vigilant!

  4. This news is proof that efforts to combat hacking incidents are making a difference! It’s reassuring to know that more than half of the hacked funds were returned. Let’s continue working together to ensure the security of digital assets in the blockchain world.

  5. It’s disappointing that hacking incidents are still happening so frequently in the blockchain world.

  6. Over $180 million in losses last month? That’s absolutely outrageous! 😱

  7. Losing millions of dollars is a devastating blow to any project. It’s a shame that these incidents are happening so frequently.

  8. Hats off to PeckShield and other cybersecurity firms for their invaluable efforts in recovering stolen digital assets! 🎩💪 This achievement shows that progress is being made in safeguarding the blockchain ecosystem. Let’s keep up the momentum and prioritize security! 🔒🚀

  9. This is really concerning. It’s alarming to see the amount of money that was stolen in March. 😡

  10. It’s disheartening to see these large-scale breaches. It really undermines the trust in the blockchain ecosystem. 😔

  11. The actual loss from the Curio breach being higher than initially estimated is just another blow to an already devastating situation.

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