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Decentralized Music: Community, AI and the Future

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Decentralized Music: Community, AI and the Future

Throughout history, music has been considered a universal language that brings people from diverse cultures and backgrounds together. The music industry has always been quick to embrace new technologies that enhance creativity and streamline the production process. With advancements in technology like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence (AI), the music industry is finding new ways to revolutionize itself.

In recent years, artists have utilized nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to release exclusive content and create unique experiences for their fans. AI has been used to reinvent artists and create new sounds. Blockchain technology has also been integrated into music streaming platforms to provide a decentralized and transparent experience for artists and fans.

One such platform leading the way in combining Web3 and music is Audius. Since 2018, Audius has gained popularity among mainstream artists like deadmau5 and Skrillex, serving as a gateway to the next phase of digital integration. had the opportunity to speak with Audius co-founders Roneil Rumburg and Forrest Browning to discuss the future of decentralized, community-focused, and AI-friendly music.

While the crypto and Web3 industry has been niche, music has a much broader audience. Audius is focused on appealing to the mainstream Web2 audience rather than catering solely to the Web3 community. The platform has purposely hidden the complexities of Web3 behind a user-friendly interface, allowing users to decide how much they want to interact with blockchain and crypto features.

One of Audius’ notable features is the integration of NFTs. In March 2023, they introduced NFT-gating, allowing artists to offer exclusive content to fans who hold specific NFTs. Despite the decline in the NFT market at the time, Audius focused on the fandom aspect rather than speculative financial use cases. Their priority is empowering artists and creating value for fans.

Audius also addresses the emergence of generative AI tools by empowering artists and encouraging innovation. They introduced an “AI friendly” label that artists can display on their profiles to indicate that fans can train on their work. This creates a social graph that acknowledges the AI generation of an artist’s work while preserving the original artist’s recognition.

By combining technology with music, Audius is at the forefront of revolutionizing the music industry. They are focused on building a platform that appeals to the mainstream while also empowering artists and embracing new advancements like AI. While the future of music may be decentralized, community-focused, and AI-friendly, Audius is leading the way in making that future a reality.

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