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Super Bowl LVIII to Exclude Crypto Ads

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Super Bowl LVIII to Exclude Crypto Ads

According to a CNN report, viewers tuning in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII will not be seeing many advertisements from cryptocurrency exchanges. This marks a shift away from previous years where AI and crypto firms dominated the ad spots. Instead, the focus is expected to be on fun, humor, and entertainment.

During Super Bowl LVI in 2022, crypto firms like FTX, eToro,, and Coinbase made their debut with ad spots. One of these ads, featuring comedian Larry David for FTX, resulted in lawsuits when the crypto exchange collapsed, leading David to publicly state his regret. The following year, during Super Bowl LVII, ads mentioning digital assets were noticeably absent following bankruptcy filings from several crypto firms and a significant market downturn.

For Super Bowl LVIII in 2024, the advertising lineup includes big names like BMW, Budweiser, State Farm, Oreo, DoorDash, and Hellman’s Mayonnaise. The price for a 30-second spot is expected to reach up to $7 million. The presence of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, whose partner Travis Kelce plays for the Chiefs, is also expected to draw a massive audience. Swift will be flying directly from Japan, where she has a concert scheduled, to Las Vegas for the game.

Some notable cryptocurrency advertisements from the past include actor Matt Damon’s ad for in October 2021, titled “Fortune Favors the Brave.” Sports stars Shaq and Naomi Osaka promoted FTX in 2022. With the upcoming Super Bowl, these types of advertisements will be far less prevalent.

This year’s Super Bowl LVIII is expected to have fewer ads from cryptocurrency exchanges compared to previous years. The focus will shift towards fun, humor, and entertainment, moving away from AI and crypto firms. The lineup of advertisers includes well-known brands, and the presence of Taylor Swift is a highlight. The absence of cryptocurrency ads during Super Bowl LVII following market downturns and bankruptcy filings suggests a cautious approach from companies in the crypto industry.

9 thoughts on “Super Bowl LVIII to Exclude Crypto Ads

  1. It’s refreshing to see a Super Bowl lineup filled with well-known brands. 👏 Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

  2. Super Bowl LVIII is going to be a laughter-filled extravaganza! So glad the focus is on fun and entertainment this year.

  3. It’s nice to see a change in Super Bowl ads this year! Less crypto, more fun! 🎊 Bring on the entertainment!

  4. Super Bowl LVIII is going to be a blast with Taylor Swift’s presence! Can’t wait to see her perform and experience all the fun commercials.

  5. Adios crypto ads! 👋 Super Bowl LVIII is all about fun, humor, and entertainment! Can’t wait for the laughter-filled commercials.

  6. I’m not interested in seeing the same old traditional ads. The crypto ads brought a refreshing change to the Super Bowl.

  7. Thrilled to see that the focus of Super Bowl LVIII is shifting towards fun and humor! Let’s have a good time watching the game!

  8. It’s great to see the focus shifting towards fun and humor during Super Bowl LVIII! Let’s enjoy the game with some laughter!

  9. I was hoping to see more crypto ads this year. It’s disappointing that they won’t be a prominent part of the Super Bowl.

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