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Hacker’s Alleged Method to ‘Subpoena’ Discord, Binance, Coinbase Users

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Hacker's Alleged Method to 'Subpoena' Discord, Binance, Coinbase Users

A hacker has claimed to have access to a law enforcement request account called “KodexGlobal,” which allows buyers to obtain user information from various firms such as Coinbase, Binance, and Chainlink. According to cybersecurity company Hudson Rock, the hacker is selling access to the account on BreachForums for $5,000 or $300 per Emergency Data Request (EDR). The hacker claims to be able to make EDRs for platforms like LinkedIn, Discord, Tinder, and others. KodexGlobal is a communication platform used by law enforcement agencies and regulators. If abused, this access could lead to identity theft, extortion, and financial loss for users, especially cryptocurrency holders.

Hudson Rock believes that the hacker gained access to the law enforcement systems by exploiting credentials obtained from compromised computers owned by law enforcement officers. The company identified over 50 different sets of credentials for Google’s law enforcement system from various infected computers. In December, Hudson Rock reported a hacker attempting to sell access to Binance’s law enforcement portal through KodexGlobal. They presented a screenshot showing three compromised computers belonging to law enforcement officers in Taiwan, Uganda, and the Philippines with access to Binance’s login panel. There was no confirmation of any breaches, user data, or crypto thefts at Binance.

KodexGlobal dismissed Hudson Rock’s report as a “scam,” but Binance acknowledged being aware of such access. Separately, Binance has denied a report suggesting that a “highly sensitive” cache of internal passwords and code had been exposed on GitHub for months. The company reaffirmed the security of user accounts and stated that there was no leak from Binance.

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