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Sequence Teams Up with Google Cloud for Web3 Gaming Simplification

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Sequence Teams Up with Google Cloud for Web3 Gaming Simplification

Horizon Blockchain Games’ development platform, Sequence, has partnered with Google Cloud to bring its web3 gaming suite to cloud users. The collaboration aims to simplify the process for web3 developers to utilize web3 building tools on Google’s cloud computing platform. Horizon Blockchain Games, which secured $53.3 million through various funding rounds, is known for its NFT/trading card game “Skyweaver” and technology stack. Sequence is a comprehensive web3 developer platform that encompasses wallets, marketplaces, smart contract management, analytics, and more.

The integration with Google Cloud will involve the complete integration of the Sequence development platform. According to Jack Buser, the Director for Games, Strategic Industries at Google Cloud, Sequence will streamline the game creation process for developers, allowing them to focus on crafting exceptional gameplay. By removing the complexity of Web3 technology, Sequence aims to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience for both developers and players.

The overall objective of Sequence, as stated by Greg Canessa, the President and COO at Sequence, has always been to enable developers to concentrate on creating great games without needing to understand the intricacies of Web3. Canessa acknowledges that the complexity of blockchain infrastructure has often detracted from the creative process, resulting in subpar gaming experiences and discouraging gamers from embracing the concept. Canessa believes that integrating Web3 should be as simple as setting up a game server, and he sees a strong alignment between Google Cloud’s approach and Sequence’s ethos.

The partnership between Sequence and Google Cloud aims to advance the capabilities of web3 gaming development by providing developers with accessible tools and resources. By simplifying the integration of Web3 technology, Sequence and Google Cloud hope to create a more user-friendly and engaging gaming experience for players.

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