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Restoring Trust: Blockchain-Based Voting

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Restoring Trust: Blockchain-Based Voting

Brian Rose, an independent mayoral candidate in London and host of the London Real podcast, believes that implementing blockchain-based voting systems could increase transparency and public trust in the election process. In an exclusive interview with , Rose expressed his belief that utilizing blockchain technology in voting could provide a way to verify identities and votes, creating an immutable record. He acknowledged that public trust in election processes has declined in recent years, with only 12% of the UK public expressing trust in political parties in 2023, according to a report from the Office for National Statistics.

While Rose maintains confidence in the UK’s current voting system, he sees the potential benefits of integrating blockchain technology. He emphasized the need to address human error and the unpredictability of traditional voting methods. Alongside introducing blockchain-based voting, Rose aims to make London more supportive of cryptocurrency innovation in order to restore the city’s status as a top global financial center. He believes that financial education is lacking in the country and plans to create a new London cryptocurrency and financial education platform to empower citizens.

As for the London token, the details are still being finalized. Rose envisions it functioning as a regular cryptocurrency with price fluctuations and is considering launching it on the Polygon or Avalanche blockchains. He plans to offer day-to-day utilities for the London crypto, including staking, payment of public transport, taxes, and other public services. To incentivize users to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Rose intends to distribute the London token to around 10 million people in the Greater London area. He also proposes a 1% financial education tax for large financial institutions headquartered in London to subsidize the costs and inject liquidity into The London coin.

Rose’s confidence in the potential of blockchain technology is supported by his personal investment of over $10 million in 40 different Web3 companies. He believes that blockchain has the capacity to transform various industries and sees it as a vital tool for the future. By leveraging blockchain for voting systems and financial education, Rose aims to enhance transparency and public trust while positioning London as a leading hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation.

7 thoughts on “Restoring Trust: Blockchain-Based Voting

  1. It’s laughable that Rose believes implementing blockchain will enhance transparency and public trust. It feels more like a publicity stunt than a genuine solution. 😏

  2. This is just another example of someone trying to ride the cryptocurrency hype and gain attention. It’s a gimmick, nothing more. 😒

  3. Trust is essential in our election process, and blockchain technology can provide it. Kudos to Brian Rose for exploring innovative solutions to restore public trust and enhance transparency.

  4. Brian Rose’s plan to make London more supportive of cryptocurrency innovation is bold and forward-thinking. Let’s embrace the future and empower our citizens through financial education.

  5. Brian Rose’s confidence in blockchain technology and his personal investment in Web3 companies speak for themselves. He truly believes in the transformative power of blockchain.

  6. Trusting blockchain for voting is a risky move. It’s susceptible to hacking and manipulation, and Rose seems to be overlooking these crucial flaws.

  7. I highly doubt that a cryptocurrency like the London token will bring any significant benefits to the people of London. It’s just another way for Rose to make money off people’s ignorance.

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