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London’s Crypto Advocate Brian Rose Runs for Mayor

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London's Crypto Advocate Brian Rose Runs for Mayor

Brian Rose, an American businessman and advocate for cryptocurrency, is once again running for the position of London mayor. The election for the next mayor of London will take place on May 2, with current mayor Sadiq Khan and Susan Hall as the leading candidates. Rose ran for election in 2021 and secured 1.2% of the vote, but he hopes to improve on that this time around. In an interview with , Rose explained his decision to run again, stating that he loves London and wants to give back to the city that has given him so much.

Rose is known for conducting long-form interviews on his “Digital Freedom Platform,” similar to popular podcaster Joe Rogan. He interviews guests on a wide range of topics, including politics, wellness, self-improvement, and wealth. Many of his interview subjects come from the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, which has influenced his political beliefs. Rose believes that the current leadership in the UK is not doing enough to promote the crypto industry and wants to push London as a crypto-first city.

Rose specifically criticizes Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates cryptocurrency in the UK. He believes that both are failing to support the industry and are instead pushing companies away. As a long-time advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Rose has interviewed top figures in the crypto world and learned about blockchain technology. He proposes the creation of a “London coin,” which would distribute £100 to every London resident and be funded through a tax on the traditional financial sector.

Rose also advocates for using blockchain to secure the voting system, citing concerns about election fraud among British voters. He points to past cases of election fraud in London and the erosion of voter trust in the US after the 2020 presidential elections. Rose believes that blockchain technology can provide a permanent, accessible, and reliable record of the voting process, ensuring transparency and building confidence in the electoral system.

Rose has faced controversy and criticism for some of his views and podcast episodes. In 2020, he featured professional conspiracy theorist David Icke on his podcast, which led to complaints and censorship. The UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, removed the episode from YouTube, stating that it had the potential to cause significant harm during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite this, Rose created the “Digital Freedom Platform” to host his broadcasts and continues to advocate for free speech.

Brian Rose is running for London mayor again, with a strong focus on promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He aims to make London a crypto-first city and wants to use blockchain to secure the voting system. Although he has faced controversy in the past, Rose remains committed to his advocacy for free speech and his vision for a more technologically advanced and transparent London.

7 thoughts on “London’s Crypto Advocate Brian Rose Runs for Mayor

  1. Who needs a “London coin” when we have more pressing problems like housing and transportation?

  2. I’d rather vote for someone who has a real plan, not just buzzwords and slogans.

  3. Just what London needs, another wannabe podcaster-turned-politician.

  4. Kudos to Brian Rose for his love for London and desire to give back to the city that has given him so much. It’s inspiring to see individuals like him running for public office and working towards making a positive impact. Best of luck on your campaign, Brian!

  5. We need someone who actually knows what they’re doing, not just a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

  6. It’s great to see Brian Rose running again for the position of London mayor! He’s a passionate advocate for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. His dedication to improving London’s crypto industry and using blockchain for the voting system is commendable. Let’s hope he can make a stronger impact this time around!

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