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BNB Chain: Revolutionizing DeFi, Gaming, and AI for Mass Adoption by 2024

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BNB Chain: Revolutionizing DeFi, Gaming, and AI for Mass Adoption by 2024

BNB Chain, a blockchain ecosystem driven by the community, has announced its plans for 2024. These plans include optimizing performance, introducing opBNB Connect for scalability, targeting specific decentralized applications (DApps) for mass adoption, increasing active validators, and unveiling the “One BNB” interconnectivity concept.

One of the main goals of BNB Chain is to optimize its layer 2 (L2) scaling solution called opBNB. They plan to evolve it into “opBNB Connect” to support DApps with a high number of daily active users. With this upgrade, opBNB gas fees will decrease significantly, and gas limits will double, allowing for faster and more efficient transactions.

The “One BNB” concept aims to create a unified tech stack by linking BNB Smart Chain, opBNB, and Greenfield. This will help applications transition to fully on-chain Web3 frameworks seamlessly.

Greenfield, an integral part of the BNB Chain ecosystem, will also undergo upgrades in 2024. The introduction of Greenfield Executable will enhance data processing efficiency and reduce costs. The ecosystem will also focus on enhancing middleware infrastructure to meet the increasing demands for data processing.

BNB Chain plans to launch BNB Greenfield 2.0, which will improve storage performance and introduce new features for developers. They will also establish specialized data infrastructure for AI, on-chain gaming, and decentralized social platforms.

To achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology, BNB Chain will target specific applications such as high-frequency DeFi, fully on-chain games, AI, DeSoc, and high-performance infrastructure. These applications have been identified as catalysts for blockchain adoption.

The outlook also mentions plans to increase the number of active validators, merge Beacon Chain to enhance efficiency, and speed up decentralization. BSC, the blockchain associated with BNB Chain, has already achieved significant milestones in terms of transaction volume and gas limit.

Looking ahead to 2024, BNB Chain will focus on optimizing state and storage by introducing the optimized Path-Based-Storage-Scheme. They will also gradually implement Parallel EVM 3.0 across full nodes and validators.

The native token of BNB Chain, Binance Coin, has started to recover and recently rose by 3% to reach the $300 level. This recovery is supported by increasing network activity, indicating a positive outlook for BNB.

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