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Biden Administration’s Key AI Actions Post-Executive Order

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Biden Administration's Key AI Actions Post-Executive Order

The Biden Administration recently provided an update on its actions regarding artificial intelligence (AI) in a fact sheet released on January 29. This update comes three months after the initial executive order on AI was released. During a meeting with the White House AI Council, which is comprised of officials from various federal departments and agencies, Bruce Reed, the deputy chief of staff, received reports on the progress made in implementing the actions outlined in the executive order.

The fact sheet states that these updates signify significant progress in fulfilling the president’s mandate to safeguard Americans from the potential risks posed by AI systems. One of the key updates is the utilization of the Defense Production Act to encourage AI developers to share crucial information, including AI safety test results, with the Department of Commerce. The aim is to ensure transparency and accountability, especially regarding the most powerful AI systems and large computing clusters used to train these systems.

Another achievement mentioned in the fact sheet is the proposal of a draft rule that would require U.S.-based cloud computing companies to disclose whether they are providing computing power for foreign AI training. This step is intended to address potential national security concerns associated with the outsourcing of AI training.

The fact sheet highlights that nine federal agencies have completed risk assessments on the use of AI in critical infrastructure sectors. These assessments will serve as the foundation for future actions taken by the federal government in relation to AI. Jamie Nafziger, the chair of international law firm Dorsey & Whitney’s “Cybersecurity, Privacy and Social Media Practice” group, emphasized the significance of these assessments and stated that they will be conducted annually moving forward.

In addition to focusing on safety, the fact sheet also emphasizes efforts to attract and train workers proficient in AI. The National Science Foundation (NSF) and technology company Nvidia have partnered to advance AI. The launch of the AI Talent Surge initiative aims to facilitate the hiring of AI professionals across the federal government. A task force dedicated to AI innovation in healthcare has been established at the Department of Health and Human Services, in an effort to develop policies in this field.

Nafziger commended the progress made by the U.S., stating that the country has met or exceeded the initial requirements set forth in the executive order. The fact sheet anticipates the launch of various other aspects of President Biden’s order throughout the year and until June 2025. Guidance is expected to be provided by numerous federal agencies in this regard.

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