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Bitfarms CEO Abruptly Departs Amid Lawsuit

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Bitfarms CEO Abruptly Departs Amid Lawsuit

Geoffrey Morphy, the previous President and CEO of Bitfarms, a cryptocurrency mining firm, has decided to step down immediately after filing a lawsuit against the company in Canada. Bitfarms terminated Morphy as CEO and president prior to their original plan of having him remain in his position until a replacement was found. On May 10, Morphy filed a $27 million lawsuit against Bitfarms, claiming breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, and damages. Bitfarms refutes these claims and intends to defend itself against the lawsuit. In the meantime, Nicolas Bonta, Chairman and Co-Founder of Bitfarms, will serve as the interim President and CEO until a new CEO is appointed.

Bitfarms had previously announced its intentions to search for a replacement for Morphy in March. The mining firm expects to find a new CEO within the upcoming weeks. Our attempts to contact Morphy for comment were unsuccessful. Established in 2017, Bitfarms operates 11 Bitcoin mining facilities across the United States, Canada, Paraguay, and Argentina. In April, the firm revealed its plan to invest approximately $240 million to upgrade its mining equipment after the BTC halving event, with the goal of increasing its hash rate capacity to 21 exahashes per second. In April, Bitfarms reported earning 269 BTC in mining rewards and transaction fees. The company is set to disclose its earnings for the first quarter of 2024 on May 15.

Bitfarms’ stock (BITF) on the Nasdaq has experienced a decline of around 29% since March 25 and is currently trading at $1.61.

11 thoughts on “Bitfarms CEO Abruptly Departs Amid Lawsuit

  1. It’s impressive to see Bitfarms standing up against the claims made by Morphy. They are determined to defend themselves, and I applaud their resilience. 👏

  2. Wow, Bitfarms’ target of reaching 21 exahashes per second is ambitious! Their dedication to increasing hash rate capacity is commendable.

  3. Sending positive vibes to Geoffrey Morphy, Bitfarms, and all the parties involved. May they find a fair resolution and move forward towards success.

  4. Bitfarms’ stock has taken a huge hit since March. This situation is not helping their already declining position.

  5. Bitfarms must have had valid reasons to terminate Morphy. He shouldn’t be throwing accusations around.

  6. Congrats to Bitfarms for their successful mining operation! I’m impressed by the amount of BTC they earned in April. Keep up the great work!

  7. I hope both Bitfarms and Geoffrey Morphy can come to a resolution regarding the lawsuit.

  8. Sending positive energy to Bitfarms as they search for a new CEO. May they find a leader who can take the company to new heights and drive innovation. 🙌

  9. Investing $240 million to upgrade mining equipment after the BTC halving event is a bold move by Bitfarms. They are clearly committed to staying competitive in the mining industry. 💯

  10. Good luck to the new CEO of Bitfarms! I’m excited to see what fresh perspectives and ideas they bring to the table.

  11. It’s sad to see a company with potential like Bitfarms facing such internal turmoil.

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