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VR Developer Integrates with OpenAI: No-Code VR Development Begins

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VR Developer Integrates with OpenAI: No-Code VR Development Begins

Victoria VR, a virtual reality (VR) developer, has partnered with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its AI builder platform. This integration will allow users to access AI-driven capabilities within virtual reality, enhancing the development process and creativity. Users can design their own VR experiences, games, and applications without needing programming knowledge. The OpenAI integration will enable the creation of various content, from in-game items to metaverse platforms. User-created content on Victoria VR is minted as non-fungible tokens, making it tradable.

Both VR and AI have their limitations. VR hardware is expensive, and AI systems can produce unintended results known as “hallucinations.” To address these limitations, Victoria VR plans to integrate other AI technologies like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. The platform is currently available on the Apple Vision Pro and Oculus Quest 3, utilizing the popular gaming engine Unreal Engine 5 with millions of active developers.

According to Adam Bém, the CEO of Victoria VR, AI will be the driving force behind VR development in the next five years. AI is already transforming various industries, enabling the creation of sophisticated texts, codes, images, and soon, video production and 3D object creation. Within the gaming realm, AI is opening up new possibilities, such as AI-generated infinite narratives and more realistic responses from non-player characters (NPCs). This shift towards AI as the primary driver of VR development may overshadow traditional roles like VR developers, 3D modelers, and coders.

Victoria VR’s integration with OpenAI will allow users to access AI capabilities within virtual reality. This collaboration will enhance the development process and creativity, enabling the creation of various VR experiences. While VR and AI have their limitations, Victoria VR plans to integrate additional AI technologies. Moving forward, AI is expected to drive VR development, transforming industries and revolutionizing gaming experiences.

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