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Tether’s Global Recruitment Drive for AI Talent

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Tether's Global Recruitment Drive for AI Talent

Tether Operations Limited, the company that oversees the Tether stablecoin, has revealed plans for a strategic expansion of its artificial intelligence (AI) focus. This move comes as a response to concerns about the dominance of AI technologies by major tech companies. Tether Data, the company’s division, aims to promote transparency and privacy in AI model development. The expansion will also build on Tether’s previous endeavors, including its recent investment in Northern Data Group.

According to a spokesperson from Tether, the company intends to push the boundaries of AI technology by making it more accessible for personal use and setting new industry standards for innovation and utility. The partnership with Northern Data Group will enable Tether to leverage the company’s advanced GPU and compute infrastructure to address real-world challenges in a transparent manner.

Tether’s expansion strategy consists of three main parts. Firstly, the company plans to develop open-source, multimodal AI models to drive innovation and accessibility within the AI technology industry. Secondly, Tether will collaborate with other entities to bring AI products and services to the market and tackle real-world issues. The company aims to engage with the broader AI ecosystem through community contributions to showcase its products and advance the field of open AI.

To support its expansion, Tether is actively recruiting top-tier talent for its AI division. There are currently two available positions, an AI engineer and a head of AI, both based in Europe. Tether emphasized its commitment to hiring for the new division.

Tether Operations Limited is expanding its focus on AI technology to challenge the dominance of major tech companies. By championing transparency and privacy in AI model development and collaborating with other entities, Tether aims to drive innovation and accessibility while addressing real-world challenges. The company’s recruitment efforts underscore its dedication to acquiring top talent for its AI division.

4 thoughts on “Tether’s Global Recruitment Drive for AI Talent

  1. Recruiting top-tier talent won’t make Tether’s AI division any more successful. They’re just trying to buy their way to the top.

  2. Transparency and privacy in AI model development? Yeah, right. Tether is just trying to sound good without actually delivering.

  3. Tether’s AI focus feels like a distraction from their other endeavors. It’s unlikely to make any significant impact.

  4. Tether’s so-called commitment to transparency and privacy sounds like empty promises.

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