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Roblox Unveils In-house LLM and Real-Time AI Translation for Metaverse

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Roblox Unveils In-house LLM and Real-Time AI Translation for Metaverse

Roblox, an online gaming platform, has developed an AI-powered translation model that allows players to communicate with each other in real time, even if they speak different languages. The new system, called the “unified translation model,” was built by Roblox to translate text-based messages with a base latency of 100 milliseconds, making conversations feel instantaneous for users. This innovation enables players to seamlessly communicate with each other, regardless of their language differences.

The development of the unified translation model posed two major challenges for Roblox. The first challenge was designing a system that could translate between all 16 languages independently. The second challenge was creating a fast and efficient system that could support real-time chats. To overcome these challenges, Roblox built a single language model (LLM) capable of handling translation for all language pairs.

To train the unified translation model, Roblox created a transformer-based LLM using both public and private data. The LLM was then trained on individual languages using a combination of specialized translation apps. Translating less common language pairs proved difficult due to a lack of high-quality data. In these cases, Roblox used a technique called “back translation,” where messages were translated into the original language and then compared to the source text for accuracy.

In addition to translation, the model was also trained to understand human slang. Roblox enlisted human evaluators to translate popular and trending terms in each language, ensuring that the translation system could effectively handle informal language. This process is ongoing, with human evaluators continuously updating the system to keep up with the latest phrases and language trends.

Roblox conducted extensive testing on the new translation system and found that it significantly improved user engagement and session quality. With over 70 million daily active users from more than 180 countries, Roblox is constantly striving to enhance its platform and offer a more inclusive and immersive experience for its global user base.

Roblox CEO David Baszucki has expressed his vision for interoperability and believes that users should be able to transfer digital assets, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), between different platforms within the metaverse. Roblox remains committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to create a more connected and interactive gaming experience for its users.

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