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Pro-XRP Lawyer Aims for Senate Seat with $1M Campaign Goal

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Pro-XRP Lawyer Aims for Senate Seat with $1M Campaign Goal

John Deaton, a lawyer who supports XRP, has declared his intention to challenge Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race. He is calling on his large social media following, which is largely pro-crypto, to financially support his campaign. Deaton shared that he has already invested $500,000 of his own money into the campaign and believes he has a chance of defeating Warren, who has held the position for 11 years. Deaton is encouraging his followers to help raise an additional $500,000, which can be donated in cash or cryptocurrency. The election is set to take place on September 3.

Deaton emphasized the importance of self-belief and the need to protect freedom, stating that he would self-fund if possible. He aims to raise $1 million by the end of the quarter. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has publicly announced his support for Deaton’s campaign, noting the significance of challenging the establishment and advocating for the crypto industry.

Deaton officially launched his Senate campaign on February 20, with the goal of taking on the “Washington elites” and criticizing Warren for what he perceives as a lack of accomplishments for Massachusetts. While Deaton has not made crypto a central focus of his campaign, there is known tension between him and government officials who are critical of cryptocurrencies, including Warren.

In December 2023, Warren raised concerns about the relationship between the crypto industry and Washington insiders, suggesting that some government officials may be using their positions as a platform for future roles in digital asset lobbying. This tension adds another layer to the Deaton-Warren race, although Deaton has chosen to downplay the crypto aspect in his campaign discussions.

6 thoughts on “Pro-XRP Lawyer Aims for Senate Seat with $1M Campaign Goal

  1. I love that John Deaton is open to accepting cryptocurrency donations for his campaign! It’s refreshing to see a candidate who truly understands the power of blockchain technology. Let’s donate and show our support! 🚀💙

  2. It’s laughable that someone like Deaton thinks he can win against Warren. Keep dreaming, buddy!

  3. I thought this was a serious campaign, but it seems more like a publicity stunt for Deaton and his pro-crypto agenda. 😒💸

  4. John Deaton is just wasting his money! He has zero chance of defeating Elizabeth Warren in the Senate race.

  5. Wow, John Deaton is seriously taking on Senator Elizabeth Warren! This is going to be an exciting race! 💪💙

  6. John Deaton’s self-belief and determination are truly inspirational. I have no doubt that he can make a difference and bring positive change to Massachusetts. Let’s help him reach his fundraising goal!

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