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Plena Joins Cointelegraph Accelerator: Crypto Super App with Account Abstraction

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Plena Joins Cointelegraph Accelerator: Crypto Super App with Account Abstraction

The traditional finance system relies on centralized institutions like banks to manage people’s assets, but this leaves room for vulnerabilities such as fraud and hacking. Ransomware attacks on financial services have been increasing, with the International Monetary Fund warning of growing cyber threats. Surprisingly, this same centralized model is still prevalent in the crypto space, where users often rely on centralized exchanges. This exposes them to security risks, as demonstrated by the Mt. Gox incident where 850,000 Bitcoin were lost. This highlights the need for self-custodial protocols that give users full control over their assets and protect them from third-party risks, but managing personal wallets can be complicated and requires technical knowledge. Therefore, the crypto industry needs better self-custody alternatives.

Plena is a crypto super app that simplifies the interaction with crypto accounts by combining an all-in-one self-custody platform with advanced technologies like account abstraction and artificial intelligence (AI). Account abstraction blurs the line between smart contracts and user-controlled accounts, making transactions simpler and more secure. The Plena app supports over 100,000 cryptocurrencies and offers features like automated purchases, one-click transactions, and integration with decentralized applications (DApps). It also plans to launch an AI-powered tool called PlenaGPT that will provide personalized investment recommendations and trend predictions.

Plena has joined the Accelerator program to leverage its media reach and marketing opportunities. This program supports Web3 startups and projects by utilizing ‘s network as a leading crypto and blockchain media outlet. Plena caught their attention with its focus on AI and the success of its mobile app, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Their roadmap for 2024 includes forming new partnerships for Plena Connect, launching their own launchpad, and making non-EVM chains and Plena DAO operational.

With its account abstraction technology, Plena is empowering users within the crypto space and aiming to redefine how assets are managed. They envision a future where everyone, regardless of technical expertise, can access digital assets through blockchain technology.

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