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Overlayi Unveils AI-Resistant Property Rights for Creators

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Overlayi Unveils AI-Resistant Property Rights for Creators

Overlai, a breakthrough platform dedicated to safeguarding digital property and intellectual property rights, has announced the beta introduction of its mobile application and Adobe plugin on the Aptos blockchain. This innovative technology works by scanning digital media and embedding an “invisible watermark” within its metadata. This discreet watermark is subsequently documented on the Aptos blockchain, creating an unalterable record of ownership.

Project spokespeople have clarified that this ownership mark remains intact through various alterations such as compression, screenshots, or format conversions. The unique watermarking technology ensures that the ownership information stays constant, irrespective of where the media is distributed or shared online.

Luke Neumann, the co-founder and CEO of Overlai, has highlighted the company’s vision of becoming a comprehensive solution for copyright and intellectual property protection in the digital era. Neumann expressed, “Our aim is to establish a new standard for tracking ingredients, managing royalty payments, and ensuring provenance. The partnership with Aptos is pivotal, leveraging their blockchain expertise into an essential tool for the future of online content.”

A critical aspect of Overlai’s mission is the defense of artists and creatives against AI scraping. AI scraping involves artificial intelligence programs scouring the internet to use media for training purposes. Neumann emphasized that Overlai’s comprehensive decentralized infrastructure would usher in a new phase of ethically sourced AI models, allowing creators to choose whether their works are used for AI training purposes.

The usual practice of AI training lacks consent from creators, royalty holders, or other stakeholders before utilizing their works for development purposes. Overlai aims to counter this unethical practice by issuing a “do not train” C2PA manifest as a default protection, preventing AI scraping bots from utilizing protected media for training or generating new content.

Avery Ching, the chief technology officer at Aptos Labs, supported Neumann’s points and stressed the significance of safeguarding content creators’ rights. Ching remarked, “It’s crucial to ensure that creators can maintain ownership of their creations and feel empowered by AI, rather than restricted by it.”

Overlai’s solutions promise enduring protection for digital creators by implementing a robust, blockchain-backed watermarking system that withstands various media alterations and online postings. This innovation is expected to create a reliable defense against unauthorized use and AI scraping.

As Overlai continues to develop and refine its technology, it aims to set a new standard in digital and intellectual property protection, paving the way for more ethical and controlled use of digital content in the age of artificial intelligence.

19 thoughts on “Overlayi Unveils AI-Resistant Property Rights for Creators

  1. Overlai’s invisible watermark tech is next-level! So important for protecting digital content. Onwards and upwards!

  2. Incredible work by Overlai and Aptos! Ensuring digital ownership remains intact is a game-changer for the industry.

  3. So, they want to monetize off struggling artists’ need to protect their work? Seems a bit exploitative if you ask me.

  4. Amazing initiative! Protecting digital property and intellectual rights is essential, and Overlai is leading the way. 🌟🔒

  5. They say it will be unalterable, but nothing in tech is ever that foolproof. Too many what-ifs for me to feel confident.

  6. Overlai’s new app and plugin are just what the creative industry needed. Really looking forward to seeing its impact. 🌍💡

  7. It’s great to see Overlai stepping up for digital creators! Blockchain tech + invisible watermarking = game-changer!

  8. Kudos to Overlai for championing the rights of creators against AI scraping. This is ethical tech at its finest! 🤖🛡️

  9. Overlai’s tech is a lifesaver for artists and creatives. Finally, real protection against AI scraping! Thanks, Overlai!

  10. Can’t wait to see how Overlai shapes the future of digital rights. This is revolutionary!

  11. Finally, a way to safeguard our digital media effectively! Overlai is set to make a HUGE impact. 🌐💼

  12. Sounds like more big promises with little to no clear implementation strategy. Call me skeptical, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  13. Good luck getting all creators to adopt this. Seems like it will cause more fragmentation in an already confusing market.

  14. Overlai’s mission resonates deeply! Finally, creators have a real shield against unauthorized use.

  15. Blockchain doesn’t necessarily equal better security. What happens when there’s a flaw in the system?

  16. So impressed with Overlai’s approach to protecting digital and intellectual property. This is next-level innovation! 😍✨

  17. This is HUGE! Overlai’s invisible watermarking tech is going to reshape how we handle digital content. Cheers to the team! 🥂🌟

  18. Bravo Overlai! A solution that ensures our digital content remains ours. This is the future of IP protection!

  19. Another attempt to police the internet. Creative freedom shouldn’t be bound by overreaching digital rights protection. 🙄

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