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OpenAI Expands Training with French and Spanish News Partners

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OpenAI Expands Training with French and Spanish News Partners

OpenAI has recently announced new partnerships with French newspaper Le Monde and Spanish media company Prisa Media, expanding its collaborations in the media and entertainment industry. The aim of these partnerships is to provide real-time, authoritative news content in French and Spanish through OpenAI’s chatbot and enhance its model training. OpenAI has also formed partnerships with Spanish-language media El País, Cinco Días, As, and El Huffpost. The COO of OpenAI, Brad Lightcap, expressed the company’s dedication to supporting journalism and using new AI technologies to empower content creators. As a result of these partnerships, users will soon be able to engage with up-to-date news content through summaries with proper attribution and improved links to the original articles.

Le Monde, a leading newspaper in France with millions of readers, and Prisa Media, with a wide audience in Spain, Latin America, and the United States, welcomed the collaboration as an opportunity to expand audience engagement. Carlos Nuñez, the Chairman and CEO of Prisa Media, highlighted the importance of leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities to present credible and independent content in innovative ways. These recent partnerships follow OpenAI’s collaboration with German media giant Axel Springer in December 2023, which aimed to enhance the training of OpenAI’s large language models by utilizing content from the media house. OpenAI has been in discussions with major US media companies such as CNN, Fox, and Time to secure news content licensing. The company has also partnered with the American Journalism Project and The Associated Press to support local news initiatives and contribute to LLM training.

While OpenAI’s partnerships have been successful, media companies themselves have been dealing with AI-related challenges, including addressing fake news, deepfakes, and protecting copyrighted materials. In December 2023, The New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, accusing the company of unauthorized use of millions of its articles to train chatbots. Despite efforts from both sides to dismiss the claims, the lawsuit is still ongoing.

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