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Oleksandr Usyk: Blockchain’s Impact on Boxing Industry

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Oleksandr Usyk: Blockchain's Impact on Boxing Industry

Oleksandr Usyk, the world champion boxer, is revolutionizing the boxing industry with a new blockchain-based Web3 platform called Ready to Fight (RTF). This app connects fighters with each other and helps them expand their fan base. It was built using blockchain and crypto technologies, addressing a major need in boxing by assisting athletes in finding sparring matches. Traditionally, boxers relied on outdated methods like phone books and personal connections to find sparring partners. RTF simplifies the process by allowing users to search for open gyms and connect with fighters ready to spar with a few clicks.

During a press conference in Valencia, Spain, Usyk explained that the idea for the app came to him at the beginning of his career when the internet was not readily available. He emphasized the need to make the process of finding sparring partners simpler and more convenient. Usyk demonstrated the app by showcasing his own profile, which was filled with messages and questions from fans. He mentioned that all his current sparring partners were found through the RTF app, and other fighters and teams are also adopting it.

The effectiveness of the app was evident when 25-year-old Steven Torres, an amateur fighter from Reading, Pennsylvania, shared his experience. Torres grew up in a disadvantaged area without access to such training environments. He discovered the RTF app through an Instagram ad, finding it easy to join. Using the app, he uploaded videos that caught the attention of RTF, resulting in his opportunity to spar with Usyk—an experience he described as a dream come true. The app helped Torres gather a fan base and gain more support than he had on Instagram.

When asked about their familiarity with crypto and Web3, Torres admitted that he was not a crypto user before RTF. He believes that as he interacts with the app, he will soon become acquainted with these technologies. Alan Duran, the chief marketing officer of RTF, recognized that onboarding new Web3 users will be a significant challenge for the platform. Educating non-crypto users while maintaining trust and functionality is crucial for their success.

Usyk explained that the decision to build the platform on Web3, utilizing blockchain technology, was due to its safety and scalability. He acknowledged that working with the best technology is essential for becoming the best. Duran added that their initial focus is on making a significant impact in the boxing world but expressed their interest in expanding the app to other sports, such as MMA, karate, and judo. In the end, their goal remains the same: to connect people in various contact sports.

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  1. The RTF app’s impact on Torres’s career is incredible. It goes to show the power of technology in uplifting athletes. 🌟💪

  2. The RTF app not only simplifies the process of finding sparring partners but also helps athletes grow their fan base. Win-win!

  3. The RTF app is a game-changer for the boxing industry. Usyk is truly paving the way for the next generation of fighters! 👊🚀

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