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Normie Memecoin Fires Intern Over Offensive Video

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Normie Memecoin Fires Intern Over Offensive Video

A cryptocurrency project known as Normie, built on Coinbase’s native blockchain Base, recently announced it had terminated an intern after an inappropriate video was uploaded on its official X account. The developers of Normie explained that they had given the matter thoughtful consideration and decided to remove the video. In their statement, they expressed their regret over the incident, issuing an apology to everyone offended by the content. They also emphasized their commitment to preventing such occurrences in the future.

The controversial video, posted on June 10, was met with significant disapproval from the crypto community. The video featured a blue-skinned cartoon chef dancing with exaggerated facial features, particularly large lips. This depiction was criticized for its offensive nature. In response, one user questioned the intern’s sole responsibility for the video, asking why the team members who should have overseen the intern did not intervene. The user suggested that those supervisors should also face consequences.

Normie’s developers attempted to clarify the video’s purpose, stating it was meant to convey a message of resilience and positivity. According to them, the intention was to illustrate that there are always solutions, even in challenging situations, and that positive changes begin with personal initiative. They further insisted that it was never their goal to make light of sensitive issues.

This incident follows a turbulent period for Normie, which endured a smart contract breach the previous month. Hackers managed to steal 225 Ether (ETH), equivalent to approximately $881,686, from users’ funds, resulting in a sharp $41.7 million drop in the token’s market cap in under three hours. Despite this significant setback, Normie was able to negotiate with the hackers to recover 90% of the stolen tokens. The agreement stipulated that the recovered funds and the remaining $2.3 million in the development wallet would be used to launch a new token to compensate NORMIE holders.

On June 7, Normie’s developers reported the recovery of 192 Ether from the stolen amount and announced the successful launch of their token at a new address. This step marked a significant milestone in their efforts to rebuild and gain back the trust of the community.

Since the beginning of April, there has been notable activity on the Ethereum network, with 372,642 new tokens launched. Interestingly, a substantial 88% of these tokens have been introduced on Coinbase’s layer-2 blockchain, Base.

This series of events highlights the various challenges and controversies that Normie has faced. Each incident has tested the project’s resilience and ability to manage crises while maintaining transparency with their community. Despite the backlash and financial losses, the developers remain committed to rectifying their mistakes and continuing their operations.

Looking forward, it will be crucial for Normie to implement stricter guidelines and oversight to prevent similar incidents. Ensuring proper supervision and accountability within their team might be key to avoiding future controversies and regaining user confidence.

The cryptocurrency community will undoubtedly keep a close eye on Normie’s next steps and how effectively they address past shortcomings. It remains to be seen if the project can recover from these setbacks and emerge stronger.

25 thoughts on “Normie Memecoin Fires Intern Over Offensive Video

  1. Happy to see Normie taking the right steps and owning their mistakes. Here’s to a stronger, better future!

  2. It’s hard to believe they didnt see the video before posting it. Feels like damage control rather than genuine regret.

  3. Normie seems to be more about PR stunts than actual responsibility. Unimpressed with how they’re handling things. 😡📉

  4. Normie’s transparency and dedication to making things right set a high standard. Way to bounce back!

  5. A blue-skinned chef with exaggerated features? Normie, what were you thinking? 🚫❌ Offensive and careless.

  6. Sometimes setbacks pave the way for a stronger comeback. Normie is proving that with their recent efforts. Keep it up!

  7. Normie is showing that even after setbacks, perseverance and transparency can lead to recovery. Keep going, team! 💪🌐

  8. After the hack, and now this? It’s like they’re actively trying to drive away their community. So disappointing. 😞🚪

  9. The project is sinking fast, from security breaches to offensive content. Normie needs a total overhaul.

  10. Great to see Normie recovering most of the stolen Ether and bouncing back stronger. Keep going, Normie!

  11. The apology and explanation show that Normie is willing to own up and learn from mistakes. Props to the team!

  12. With transparency and accountability, Normie is setting a great example in the crypto space. Way to go!

  13. Blaming an intern is such a weak move. Where were the supervisors? 🚫😤 Makes you wonder about Normie’s internal processes.

  14. Glad to see Normie taking responsibility for their actions and making changes! Mistakes happen, but owning up to them is a big step forward.

  15. Normie’s response to recent events shows maturity and a commitment to improvement. Glad to be part of this journey!

  16. I dont buy their excuses. If the team can’t supervise an intern, how can they manage our investments?

  17. Normie’s proactive approach to crisis management and community engagement is commendable. Proud to support you!

  18. The way Normie has tackled these challenges showcases their resilience and commitment. Proud to be part of this community!

  19. One misstep after another… Not sure how they think an apology will fix this mess. Sorry isn’t enough, Normie! 😤👎

  20. This is just a mess. First the security breach, now this inappropriate video. Doesn’t seem like Normie has their act together at all.

  21. Kudos to Normie for handling the breach and controversy with transparency and responsibility. Excited for the future!

  22. Respect for Normie stepping up and addressing the issues head-on. Looking forward to seeing positive changes!

  23. Resilient, responsible, and committedNormie is turning things around! Stay strong, team!

  24. Challenges are inevitable, but Normie is proving that what matters most is how you handle them. Impressive work! 💼✨

  25. This whole incident makes it clear that Normie isn’t prepared to handle crises effectively. Losing trust fast.

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