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Fetch and SingularityNET AI-Tokens Surge 30%

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Fetch and SingularityNET AI-Tokens Surge 30%

The (FET) and SingularityNET (AGIX) cryptocurrencies experienced remarkable gains, each surging by over 30% in a single day. This price recovery comes after both tokens had been in a decline for the past three months. The token rose by 37%, and SingularityNET saw a 33% increase within a span of 24 hours. The rally started on June 19, marking a turnaround from a downward trend that began at the tail end of March. During this three-month period, FET and AGIX witnessed declines of over 31% and 36%, respectively.

What’s driving this sudden increase in value for these AI cryptocurrencies? One significant factor is the impending merger between, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol. Vlad Balaban, co-founder of GT Protocol, cited this upcoming merger as a critical catalyst for the price surge. He highlighted that this strategic alliance aims to create the largest decentralized AI ecosystem, which has sparked considerable investor enthusiasm. The merger is expected to generate substantial advancements and establish market leadership in AI technology.

Adding to the bullish sentiment, SingularityNET announced on June 20 that the merger would officially commence on July 1. This announcement has added fuel to the fervor surrounding these AI tokens. Market watchers are keenly anticipating how this merger could reshape the decentralized AI space and deliver significant technological breakthroughs.

Notably, the AI sector has been in the spotlight recently, propelled by pivotal developments at Nvidia. On June 18, Nvidia became the world’s most valuable publicly traded company, with its market capitalization soaring to $3.34 trillion, a remarkable achievement for the graphics processing and AI chip giant. This milestone has positively impacted the broader AI sector, spilling over into AI-related cryptocurrencies like FET and AGIX.

Edward Wilson, an analyst at, underscored the strong influence of Nvidia’s achievement on the AI sector, noting that it’s no surprise to see AI tokens rallying in response. According to Wilson, AI remains a hot topic in both traditional markets and the crypto space. He pointed out that AI tokens, including FET and AGIX, have shown impressive performance over the past year, significantly outpacing other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH).

On a yearly basis, FET is up by more than 750%, and AGIX has gained 192%. This exceptional rise demonstrates the robust market interest and growing investor confidence in AI technologies and their potential applications. Institutional investors are particularly drawn to the sector, driven by the emerging possibilities of achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI).

GT Protocol’s Balaban suggests that the intense competition among companies aiming to lead in AI technology is another factor driving investor interest. Firms that excel in this AI race are poised to capture substantial market share and potentially dominate the industry. This competitive landscape promises significant returns for investors and venture capitalists who make savvy investment choices in AI-related projects.

The recent rally in FET and AGIX tokens is driven by a combination of strategic mergers, landmark achievements in the AI industry, and overall heightened investor interest in artificial intelligence. As these developments unfold, they are likely to continue fueling enthusiasm and potentially drive further growth in the AI cryptocurrency sector.

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  1. Vlad Balaban’s optimistic talks won’t mean much if another crash hits soon. Stay sharp!

  2. Don’t get swept up in the hype, people! This could very well be temporary noise.

  3. This sudden surge feels like a hype bubble waiting to burst. Be cautious, folks!

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