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e54558af171709f64159144e45ef7bb9 CryptoForDay Suspends US Institutional Exchange, one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, has announced the temporary suspension of its institutional exchange services in the United States. The move came as a result of legal and regulatory uncertainties in the country, which have made it difficult for companies dealing with virtual assets to operate with full compliance. The decision was communicated to the affected customers via email. is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2016. It offers a variety of crypto-related services, including trading and staking, through its platform. The company has seen significant growth in the past few years, expanding its user base with its easy-to-use interface and attractive rewards program. It has also launched its Visa-branded debit card that allows users to spend their crypto in real-world transactions.

The suspension of institutional exchange services has come as a surprise to many, as had been making significant progress in the US market. The company had recently acquired a money transmitter license in 49 US states, which allowed it to offer its services to a wider audience. It also launched its own stablecoin, USDM, which helps users to avoid the volatility of cryptocurrency prices.

However, the US regulatory landscape has proven to be challenging for companies that deal with virtual assets. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken a hard line on ICOs, initial coin offerings, which it considers to be securities. This has resulted in many companies opting to avoid the US market altogether, or to limit their services to accredited investors. has not given a specific reason for the suspension of its institutional exchange services, but it is likely due to the same regulatory concerns that have impacted other companies. The company has stated that it is working on developing a new platform that will meet the regulatory requirements in the US. is not alone in facing challenges in the US market. Other cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance and BitMEX, have also had to deal with regulatory issues. Binance, which is the largest exchange by trading volume, recently announced that it would stop serving US customers in September. BitMEX, which is known for its high-leverage futures contracts, has been accused of violating US laws and is currently facing an investigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Despite the challenges, the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow. Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, recently surpassed $10,000 in value, which is the highest since February. The increase in demand for crypto assets has been driven by increased interest from institutional investors, who are looking for alternative investments. The industry has also seen increased adoption in countries with unstable economies, such as Venezuela and Iran.’s decision to suspend its institutional exchange services in the US is a setback for the industry, as it limits the options available for US-based traders. However, the company’s commitment to developing a new platform that will comply with regulatory requirements shows that it is committed to the long-term growth of the industry. If the US regulatory landscape becomes more favorable, it is possible that and other exchanges will re-enter the market with expanded services.

In conclusion,’s suspension of its US institutional exchange services is a reminder of the challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. The regulatory landscape has proven to be difficult to navigate, and many companies have had to limit their services or leave the market altogether. However, the industry continues to grow, driven by increased interest from institutional investors and adoption in countries with unstable economies.’s commitment to compliance and the development of a new platform show that the company is dedicated to providing quality services to its customers.

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  1. suspending its institutional exchange services in the US? What a letdown. I was just starting to trust them.

  2. Well, that’s it for in the US. This suspension is more than just a setback – it’s a major blow to their reputation. 🤦‍♀️

  3. It’s a tough blow for, but their commitment to developing a new platform gives me hope for the future. Innovation and compliance go hand in hand. 💡💯

  4. It’s a shame to see bow down to regulatory pressure. I expected better from them.

  5. It’s unfortunate that regulatory concerns have led to this suspension, but it’s equally important for companies to comply with the necessary regulations. Safety and security should be the top priority. 🔐💼

  6. This suspension by feels like a step backward for the industry. US customers deserve better options. 😒

  7. It’s understandable that had to suspend their institutional exchange services due to legal uncertainties. Compliance is crucial for the long-term success of the industry. Good luck to in overcoming these challenges!

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