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Cointelegraph Accelerator chooses Dojima Omnichain for Interoperability across Blockchain Networks

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Cointelegraph Accelerator chooses Dojima Omnichain for Interoperability across Blockchain Networks

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the digital ecosystem, but there is a major obstacle standing in the way: a lack of interoperability. With numerous blockchain networks using different protocols and standards, the digital ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented. This fragmentation makes it difficult for developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) that can operate across multiple platforms. Experts in the industry, such as Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung, believe that interoperability is crucial for leveraging the benefits of blockchain’s network effects.

Achieving interoperability is not easy. Traditional development approaches require a deep understanding of each blockchain’s intricacies, leading to increased development time and costs. There are no standardized tools and frameworks for building DApps that can bridge different networks. This means that even experienced developers must start from scratch when creating cross-chain solutions.

One potential solution to these challenges is the omnichain approach. Omnichains allow developers to build DApps that can operate across multiple chains, leveraging the unique strengths of each chain without being hindered by their limitations. This approach also provides access to a wider range of tools and protocols, reducing technical barriers and deployment time.

Dojima Network is an example of an omnichain layer-1 platform that specializes in facilitating the building and deployment of cross-chain DApps, tokens, and smart contracts. The platform offers a comprehensive developer dashboard, a cross-chain wallet, and a block explorer to simplify the complexities of cross-chain development.

Because of its commitment to improving interoperability and simplifying cross-chain development, Dojima Network was chosen as a participant in the Accelerator program. The platform has already facilitated over 760,000 transactions and connected seven different blockchain chains since launching its live testnet. Dojima Network aims to break down the silos within the blockchain ecosystem and create a cross-chain hub that bridges EVM and non-EVM chains. Its goal is to become the standard for blockchain interoperability and enable assets and data to move freely across various blockchains.

By fostering interoperability, omnichain solutions have the potential to drive innovation, liquidity, and collaboration within the Web3 space. This advancement can expand the use cases of blockchain technology and enable the development of more complex applications. Dojima Network’s mainnet launch and token generation event are scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

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