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Coinbase’s $1 Billion Offering in Convertible Notes

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Coinbase's $1 Billion Offering in Convertible Notes

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced plans to raise $1 billion through senior convertible notes. These notes are a form of debt that can later be converted into equity, such as company stock. The offering will be made privately to qualified institutional buyers and will need to be repaid by April 1, 2030, unless redeemed or converted earlier.

Coinbase aims to use the proceeds from this fundraising round for various purposes, including the repayment of its outstanding convertible senior notes due in 2026, 2028, and 2031. The funds will be allocated to general corporate uses like working capital, capital expenditures, and covering the cost of capped call transactions.

By issuing these senior convertible notes, Coinbase takes advantage of the opportunity to raise capital while investor confidence in the company is high. Its share price is currently at a two-year high, indicating a favorable market sentiment towards the exchange.

These notes offer benefits to holders, as they are senior to common stock. In the event of bankruptcy or liquidation, the note holders have priority. The notes will also earn interest twice a year and can be converted into cash, Coinbase shares, or a combination of both.

Coinbase’s decision to pursue this financing option aligns with MicroStrategy’s recent move in the crypto industry. MicroStrategy, a major holder of Bitcoin, recently completed an $800 million convertible note offering. The proceeds from MicroStrategy’s offering were used to acquire an additional 12,000 BTC for its Bitcoin treasury reserve.

Coinbase’s stock, listed as COIN, witnessed a slight increase of approximately 0.8% on March 12, closing at $256. In after-hours trading, the stock declined by 2.3% following the announcement of the note offering. Despite this, Coinbase has experienced significant growth this year, with a year-to-date increase of over 63%. The cryptocurrency market rally has contributed to this surge, with Coinbase’s stock reaching a 26-month high since its last peak above $250 on December 31, 2021.

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