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Bitcoin’s Deadline: 10 Days Until Squeeze Zone

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Bitcoin's Deadline: 10 Days Until Squeeze Zone

Bitcoin’s price is expected to experience significant volatility in the next ten days, according to a new analysis. A popular social media trader pointed out a rare signal involving the Bollinger Bands volatility indicator, suggesting a “huge move” for the BTC price. Although Bitcoin has been trading within a narrow range for over 150 days, the Bollinger Band Width (BBW) has reached historically low levels that have traditionally resulted in a sudden price surge or drop. The direction of this potential move is still uncertain. Traders are advised to prepare their plans for either scenario to avoid being caught off guard.

The Bollinger Bands indicator has been a reliable predictor of volatility in recent months, often narrowing to levels rarely seen in Bitcoin’s history. On daily timeframes, BTC/USD is currently situated between the midpoint and upper bands, indicating that a new price move is imminent. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are growing frustrated with the lack of progress in Bitcoin’s price leading up to the April block subsidy halving. Price predictions range from a hike beyond $60,000 to more conservative estimates of price discovery by the end of 2024.

Concerns about macroeconomic instability, particularly relating to the US regional banking sector, have contributed to downside predictions with some suggesting a price floor of $30,000. The combination of these factors has created a sense of anticipation and uncertainty among Bitcoin traders. As the countdown to the potential price volatility begins, investors and traders are urged to stay prepared and monitor the market closely.

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