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Bitcoin Hashrate Uptrend Breaks: Miner Capitulation?

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Bitcoin Hashrate Uptrend Breaks: Miner Capitulation?

Bitcoin’s hashrate has experienced a significant decrease, breaking the 18-month long uptrend it was on, which might indicate the beginning of a potential miner capitulation. This trend saw Bitcoin’s true hash rate plummet to about 600 exahashes per second (EH/s). The hash rate serves as an indicator of the difficulty miners face while mining Bitcoin. The deviation from the uptrend could suggest that some mining firms are offloading their Bitcoin, according to Ki Young Ju, the CEO of CryptoQuant. In a post on June 13, he commented that the breaking of the 18-month upward trend in Bitcoin’s hash rate suggests that some miners might be capitulating.

Despite the declining hashrate, it doesn’t appear that mining companies have been offloading large quantities of Bitcoin. From a peak of 15,470 BTC on May 21, Bitcoin miner flows to cryptocurrency exchanges had dipped to 7,239 BTC by June 13, based on data from CryptoQuant. This counters the notion that miner capitulation is responsible for Bitcoin’s decline in price.

The price of Bitcoin fell from over $71,100 on June 5 to around $66,800, yet daily miner flows to exchanges showed a downtrend. This discrepancy suggests that the price drop wasn’t a direct result of miner capitulation.

Another explanation for the decline in Bitcoin’s true hashrate is that mining firms may be shutting down older generation ASIC mining rigs. These rigs have become less profitable since the fourth Bitcoin halving. Concurrently, Bitcoin’s total hashrate decreased to 586,377 TH/s on June 12, according to data.

An April 19 report from CoinShares had anticipated this temporary drop in hashrate, predicting a surge next year. The report forecasted that the hashrate could rise to 700 exahashes by 2025, although it might decrease by up to 10% post-halving as miners might turn off non-profitable ASICs. This reduction is thought to be driven by increased mining costs attributed to the halving event and rising electricity prices.

Mining profitability is heavily contingent on the cost of electricity. According to a May 2 post by Hashrate Index, older ASIC models like the S19 XP and M50S++ become unprofitable if the electricity cost is above $0.09 per kilowatt-hour. Similarly, the S19j Pro+, j Pros, and M30S++ models would struggle to maintain profitability if electricity costs ranged between $0.06-$0.07 per kilowatt-hour.

These dynamics underscore that while the overall hashrate and profitability concerns might be factors in the market, they don’t alone justify the recent drop in BTC prices. External market conditions, driven by broader economic or regulatory events, could also be contributing factors.

It’s essential to view the recent developments in Bitcoin’s hashrate and prices within a broader context. The halving event, rising energy costs, and potential miner shutdowns of older ASIC units present intertwined challenges and consequences. Current data does not fully support the argument that miner capitulation alone is responsible for Bitcoin’s recent price movements.

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