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Binance Drops Bitcoin Ordinals: Nifty Newsletter Update

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Binance Drops Bitcoin Ordinals: Nifty Newsletter Update

This week’s newsletter brings news about Binance’s decision to end support for Bitcoin Ordinals in its nonfungible token (NFT) arm. The article discusses a Dogecoin Ordinals airdrop of Runestones and shares insights from asset manager Franklin Templeton on Bitcoin NFTs. In other news, the metaverse is predicted to revolutionize the medical tourism market. The newsletter features Nifty News, including the collaboration between NFT collection Doodles and rapper Lil Wayne for an animated film.

Binance NFT has recently announced the discontinuation of support for Bitcoin-based NFTs. This decision is part of Binance’s efforts to streamline its product offerings. The exchange will soon stop allowing Bitcoin Ordinals trades and deposits. It will no longer offer airdrops and utilities for Bitcoin NFTs after April 10. Binance advises users to withdraw their Bitcoin NFTs from the marketplace before May 18.

Dogecoin NFT users followed the trend set by Bitcoin Ordinals and organized their own version of the popular Runestone airdrop in March. They distributed over 30,000 Doge Runestones to wallets that possessed at least one Doginal, which is Dogecoin’s Ordinals protocol. The Doge Runestones airdrop mimicked the success of the original Bitcoin-based Runestone airdrop, where 112,000 Runestones were given to early adopters of the protocol.

Franklin Templeton, an asset manager, recently introduced its clients to Bitcoin Ordinals through an investor note. The firm sees this protocol as a catalyst for increased activity on the Bitcoin network, referring to it as a “renaissance.” Franklin Templeton also acknowledges that Bitcoin NFTs have contributed to positive momentum in Bitcoin innovation. The asset manager also mentions the risks associated with the protocol in its investor note.

In the world of NFTs, the collection Doodles made headlines by announcing an upcoming animated film featuring the voice of rapper Lil Wayne. This project aims to create a storytelling experience through digital collecting experiences. The sales volume of NFTs across all blockchains has been declining for the fifth consecutive week after reaching a peak in March.

Looking beyond the world of cryptocurrencies, the article explores the potential impact of the metaverse on the medical tourism market. The metaverse, a virtual reality space, could revolutionize how people access and experience medical treatments globally. This innovation could eliminate the need for physical travel and allow healthcare providers to offer their services to patients worldwide without geographical limitations.

To conclude, this week’s newsletter covers Binance’s decision to end support for Bitcoin Ordinals, the Dogecoin community’s imitation of the Runestone airdrop, Franklin Templeton’s perspective on Bitcoin NFTs, and the upcoming collaborations and challenges in the NFT space. There is a discussion on the potential influence of the metaverse on the medical tourism industry.

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  1. The collaboration between Doodles and Lil Wayne proves that NFTs are not just about art, but also about unique storytelling experiences. Can’t wait to see the film!

  2. The declining NFT sales volume doesn’t worry me. It’s just a sign of the market evolving and finding its balance.

  3. The Doodles and Lil Wayne collaboration shows the power of NFTs to bring artists and celebrities together. Can’t wait to see the animated film!

  4. The collaboration between Doodles and Lil Wayne for an animated film is a perfect combination of art and music in the NFT space. Can’t wait! 🎨🎶

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