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9GAG CEO Snaps Up Stephen Chow NFT with 3,155% Premium

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9GAG CEO Snaps Up Stephen Chow NFT with 3,155% Premium

Ray Chan, the CEO and co-founder of 9GAG, a popular entertainment platform, has recently purchased a nonfungible token (NFT) called “Nobody” by Stephen Chow. The NFT was bought for a significant price of 19.527 Ether, which amounts to approximately $47,300. This purchase represents a staggering 3,155% premium over the current floor price of the collection, which is 0.6 Ether ($1,450). The particular NFT that Ray Chan purchased, named Nobody 889, has a special Sun trait that is only found in less than 0.01% of the collectible series.

To express his admiration for the transaction, Ray Chan conveyed his sentiments through a poem. In this poem, he talks about how Stephen Chow, an actor, is a rare gem in the entertainment industry and how the memories created through this NFT are invaluable. This purchase adds to Ray Chan’s extensive collection of NFTs, as he is known for being an avid collector. He has also been involved in the Web3 space and currently serves as the CEO of Memeland, a Web3 venture studio created by 9GAG.

Stephen Chow, a renowned Hong Kong director, had launched the Nobody NFT collections earlier in February. This collection has since generated a total trading volume of over 10,516 Ether. The NFTs were created in collaboration with Chinese-American rapper Jin Au-Yeung, also known as MC Jin, and were launched on the Moonbox platform developed by a Hong Kong startup of the same name. Stephen Chow partnered with cryptocurrency exchange OKX to give away 2,500 NFTs out of a total of 10,000 as part of an event that received over 125,000 applicants.

9GAG, aside from creating content from viral memes and internet trends, has been actively embracing new Web3 technologies. Their CEO, Ray Chan, has spoken about the lessons he learned from the NFT market’s recent bull run and how it has influenced his approach to his own Web3 project. As a result, 9GAG’s venture studio, Memeland, is currently looking to hire a blockchain engineer who can develop secure and efficient smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

7 thoughts on “9GAG CEO Snaps Up Stephen Chow NFT with 3,155% Premium

  1. This poem praising Stephen Chow and the NFT is nothing but a publicity stunt to show off Ray Chan’s wealth and status.

  2. Congratulations to Ray Chan on his acquisition of Nobody 889! What a remarkable addition to his collection!

  3. Buying an NFT for such a ridiculous premium is just fueling the hype and making it harder for regular people to participate in the market.

  4. It’s amazing to see 9GAG embracing Web3 technologies and venturing into the NFT market! Exciting times ahead!

  5. GAG’s venture into Web3 technologies is a bold move that showcases their adaptability and forward-thinking!

  6. Wow, Ray Chan is really diving into the world of NFTs! 🚀 This purchase is incredible! 💰💎

  7. The partnership between Stephen Chow and the Moonbox platform is a game-changer! 🌙🤝 Congrats on the success! 🎉🚀

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